Reviews of "Grounded" are here!

After a few months in the world, reviews of Grounded are finding their way around. I'm proud to say they have ALL been positive! The most amazing thing I've noted is that every reviewer chooses a different song as the most notable, memorable or favorite. It is very rewarding to know that every piece on the album hit home with someone. No filler!! Don't just take my word for it though...

"Each piece on Grounded is essential, spare and consistently accessible. Each is joyfully wrought, brought to bear with quiet intensity and emotional honesty. There is a certain Paul Simon sensibility present, albeit with a much more joyful and upbeat presence."
- Bay Buzz Album Review

"Grounded shuffles from breezy track to breezy track , with a floaty, happy-go-lucky vibe (see Living My Life and Looking for My Groove) that will please fans of Jason Mraz and Train."
- Tampa Bay Times Ultimate Local Music Guide 2013

"I listened to Grounded with the goal of finally picking out my favorite song, but still could not do it. Every song is my favorite until the next one starts." 
- iTunes Reviewer

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