"His strong vocals and guitar skill, paired with his masterful songwriting, allows Michael to bring the complete package."

Shurl Gates, Gates Music Management

Michael shows a rare true talent that doesn’t have to be smothered under lights and stardust. What you see is what you get and it’s down to earth, refreshing and true raw talent.
— Constance Hilton, The Bay Buzz (
To craft a song that will move an audience is one thing... to do that and entertain them at the same time is something totally different. Michael Weiss has a way of hitting you from all angles while staying true to his easy going personality. His music stretches both ends of the spectrum from light and humorous tunes like “Dear Wilma” to more deep and hard hitting pieces like “Knowing Smile,” “Little Bit of You” and “Let it Go.” Still I find myself in a relaxed frame of mind regardless of the material at hand. Always a smile, always entertaining and always on top of his game.
— John Kelly, Owner, Hideaway Studio & Cafe (
Michael is a singer/songwriter just coming into his own and has been performing a mix of cover tunes and original music. Dove-tailed with his storytelling, he keeps the crowd enthusiastic and listening. Quickly becoming a popular and sought-after local musician. A true awesome performer, not to be missed.
— Jim Tizzano, Owner (
Michael J Weiss brings a breath of fresh air to the music scene. His unique gift of superb and witty storytelling is evident in Michael’s original music as well as his ability to entertain his audience while on stage. His strong vocals and guitar skill paired with his masterful songwriting, allows Michael to bring the complete package and give his all to every performance. Michael has the uncanny ability to read his audience and engage them from start to finish knowing just when to step it up from soft love ballad to his more humorous sing-a-long fan favorites.

Always a pleasure to work with, Michael is sure to enjoy a long and successful career as he gains popularity daily. I’m looking forward to more and more from Michael J Weiss!!
— Shurl Gates, Owner Gates Music Management (
Michael J Weiss is a great young talent! It’s so refreshing to hear a new voice on the music scene that, instead of making you want to kick a puppy dog like most of today’s music, makes you want to take the furry guy down to the beach.
— DJ Jeff Allen, Beachfront Radio (